Ostomysecrets. 2014 2/25: Ostomy Tips & Testimonials

2014 2/25: Ostomy Tips & Testimonials

Tips and Testimonials

Classic Comfort

Traci Libby, 48, of Hartville, OH, is a big fan of Ostomysecrets undergarments. Traci underwent ileostomy surgery almost two years ago after Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. These products, she says, have changed her life.

“The cotton classic panty is my favorite. It has helped me lead a normal life again after my ostomy surgery. It really is true that the classic panty supports my pouch while it puts a nice fabric barrier between my skin and the pouch. I can no longer feel my bag against my skin, which truly helps me forget about the ostomy. I know it is there, but because of the security and comfort I feel, I have a sense of confidence to proceed with life. It is a great feeling!”

Thank you Traci for your kind and honest words. It is our intention to make every person with an ostomy aware of what products and services are available so they can choose what they might need to make their life more normal. We continue to strive for this as we design more products, discuss more topics and share more stories.

If you want to share your story or give a comment on a product, please email us at info@ostomysecrets.com.

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