Ostomysecrets. 2014 6/23: From our Founder

2014 6/23: From our Founder

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Happy summer! Seems like we just took down our holiday decorations, and now we’re getting out pool and beach toys. How time flies! Now that my family and I live in New Jersey, the warm weather means so much more. Who knew, after living in Florida for 15 years, that the sun would be such a welcome friend! We’re spending as much time as possible outside, and I continue to try new things – including paddle boarding! I won’t allow my ostomy pouch to stop me.

There’s been a lot going on with Ostomysecrets® too. In launching Ostomysecrets globally, I had an opportunity recently to meet with WOC nurses from Italy and Spain. It was so much fun to meet these nurses, and through translators, learn about their patients and hear their thoughts on ostomy care.

While there seem to be some cultural differences (e.g. the Spanish nurses want more vibrant colors and patterns for their patients), people with an ostomy share some of the same emotions. They struggle with the same problems, concerns and questions. They want answers and products to help them better manage their new lifestyle. These nurses were encouraged by learning of Ostomysecrets. It became clear to them that there are people out there living life to the fullest, using products that give them confidence and accomplishing great things.

It’s humbling to see Ostomysecrets embraced on a global scale. Since the beginning of this journey, it’s been my intention to help people get back to their normal lifestyle. It’s my hope that people with an ostomy, no matter where they live in the world, are finding the resources they need to go for their dreams.

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