Ostomysecrets. 2014 6/23: Ostomy Tips & Testimonials

2014 6/23: Ostomy Tips & Testimonials

Swimming Made Easy

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Jim Reed, 64, Jacksonville, FL, has had his ileostomy for 11 years. Jim discovered Ostomysecrets about a year ago and wishes he had found it earlier. He says that every product he’s tried has made his life as a man with an ostomy much easier.

“I first tried the boxer briefs and was instantly pleased,” says Jim. “My confidence and security levels shot up and I felt like a ‘normal’ man again!”

As swimming season approached, Jim decided to try the Men’s Swim Trunk. While he had previously worn his boxers under a regular bathing suit, he couldn’t believe how much more comfortable the Ostomysecrets suit was!

“With the inner pocket, I don’t feel the bottom of my pouch rubbing against my skin. And because it’s bathing suit material, I’m not weighed down when I get in and out of the water. The trunks are not just functional, but stylish too. I’ve worn the suit as a pair of shorts and felt completely comfortable!”

It’s always exciting to hear about the changes Ostomysecrets’ products are making in the lives of those with an ostomy.

Thank you for sharing, Jim, and for being a loyal supporter!


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