Ostomysecrets. 2015 4/20: Tips & Testimonials

2015 4/20: Tips & Testimonials

Tips & Testimonials: Rebecca's Journey

Ostomysecrets wants to introduce you to our friend, Rebecca Zamolo. After eight years of suffering with Ulcerative Colitis, she decided to have ostomy surgery. Just months after her surgery, she completed the Rock’n’Roll half-marathon in Las Vegas. Rebecca is actively promoting awareness of inflammatory bowel diseases and life with an ostomy.

"Before I had surgery, I didn't realize how important my underwear would be with my new ostomy bag. Ostomysecrets made it possible for me to be active, feel sexy, and even wear all my ‘cute’ outfits that I had worn prior to surgery. It also gave the support I needed so the weight of the bag didn't pull on my skin when it filled up. Ostomysecrets made the transition after surgery so much easier and they are the only thing I wear now! My surgery gave me my life back and Ostomysecrets helped make sure I could live it to the fullest!"

We’re proud to be a part of Rebecca’s ostomy story and to support her mission of ostomy awareness through social media.

Find out more about Rebecca’s journey in her documentary: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/teamrebecca

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