Ostomysecrets. 2015 7/30: OS Swimwear – Customer Reviews

2015 7/30: OS Swimwear – Customer Reviews

Ostomysecrets® Swimwear – Customer Reviews

Men’s Swim Trunks – Black

“I'm ordering a couple more of your men's swim trunks so I don't have to wash the same one as often. The design and material are perfect.” ~Jim B.

Unisex Swim Wrap

“I bought the wrap when it first came out and am purchasing a second. It's nice because I can wear it with any suit and I don't have to worry about getting an extra-high bottom with my tankini. If I stretch and my top climbs up, I'm covered. I also use it when I go in a sauna, hot tub or steambath, so no one is staring at my pouch.” ~Beth A.

Women’s Swim Bottom

“I wore this suit every day during a long beach vacation and I never had an issue with it. My pouch stayed secure and I was fashionable on the beach. I highly recommend it.” ~Elise

“I’ve had an ileostomy for 22 years and spend every spring searching for a swim suit that conceals my ostomy. I’ve been wearing a one-piece suit with an attached skirt, and find myself dodging questions from my friends about why I don’t wear other styles. I was very excited this year when Ostomysecrets® introduced the new Swim Bottoms. Now, I can wear a bikini top or tankini top to create several different swimsuit styles. And, while my stoma placement is a bit high, a very enthusiastic representative named Sarah encouraged me to try the Swim Bottoms. I’m delighted that they come up high enough to cover my wafer! As with all Ostomysecrets® products, the Swim Bottoms are comfortable and help return my self-esteem, confidence and sexuality. Way to go, Ostomysecrets®! You did it again! Thank you, thank you!” ~Shannon W.


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