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2015 7/30: Our Staff's Summer Must-Haves

Our Staff's Summer Must-Haves

Heather, Ostomysecrets® sales consultant, tells us about her Summer Must-Haves:

Women’s Swim Bottom – As an ostomate who loves the water, I am a huge fan/advocate of the Women’s Swim Bottom. The support it provides is exceptional, and the comfort allows for fun in the sun without worrying about my ostomy appliance being noticeable.


Nadia, Ostomysecrets® sales consultant, tells us about her Summer Must-Haves:

Women’s Swim Bottom in Black – Not only does the Women’s Swim Bottom in Black conceal my ostomy pouch, it provides the support I need so I don’t have to think about it while I’m in the water. And if I’m not near a bathroom, the ruched fabric on the front allows my ostomy bag to fill up unnoticed.


Sarah, Ostomysecrets® sales consultant, tells us about her Summer Must-Haves:

Women’s Swim Bottom – Living in Southern California, I spend a lot of time poolsideand at the beach. I love my Swim Bottom because the coverage and support allows me to enjoy the day in and out of the water without worrying about emptying right away. And as a plus-size woman, the fit and style feels great on me!

Classic Wrap Lite – Gardening is one of my favorite ways to relax. When I wear my Classic Wrap Lite, it holds my pouch flat against my body while I bend, kneel and squat in my garden. The light-weight wicking fabric keeps my skin cool and dry while I make sure all of my plants are looking their best!


Kyle, Ostomysecrets® osto-model, tells us about his Summer Must-Haves:

Men’s Board Shorts – I wear Ostomysecrets® Board Shorts because the built-in mesh underwear of regular swim trunks don’t fit comfortably when you’re wearing an ostomy pouch. The Ostomysecrets®Board Short provides stable support for my pouch, especially while swimming. I’m much more comfortable in them, which means my summer outings are more enjoyable!


2015 7/30: Spotlight on Great Comebacks®
I can’t believe another WOCN Conference has come and gone! This year, the annual conference of Wound Ostomy Continence Nurses was held in San Antonio, Texas.
2015 7/30: OS Swimwear – Customer Reviews

Ostomysecrets® Swimwear – Customer Reviews

Men’s Swim Trunks – Black

“I'm ordering a couple more of your men's swim trunks so I don't have to wash the same one as often. The design and material are perfect.” ~Jim B.

Unisex Swim Wrap

“I bought the wrap when it first came out and am purchasing a second. It's nice because I can wear it with any suit and I don't have to worry about getting an extra-high bottom with my tankini. If I stretch and my top climbs up, I'm covered. I also use it when I go in a sauna, hot tub or steambath, so no one is staring at my pouch.” ~Beth A.

Women’s Swim Bottom

“I wore this suit every day during a long beach vacation and I never had an issue with it. My pouch stayed secure and I was fashionable on the beach. I highly recommend it.” ~Elise

“I’ve had an ileostomy for 22 years and spend every spring searching for a swim suit that conceals my ostomy. I’ve been wearing a one-piece suit with an attached skirt, and find myself dodging questions from my friends about why I don’t wear other styles. I was very excited this year when Ostomysecrets® introduced the new Swim Bottoms. Now, I can wear a bikini top or tankini top to create several different swimsuit styles. And, while my stoma placement is a bit high, a very enthusiastic representative named Sarah encouraged me to try the Swim Bottoms. I’m delighted that they come up high enough to cover my wafer! As with all Ostomysecrets® products, the Swim Bottoms are comfortable and help return my self-esteem, confidence and sexuality. Way to go, Ostomysecrets®! You did it again! Thank you, thank you!” ~Shannon W.