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2014 9/25: Ostomy Tips & Testimonials
Ahhhh, the elephant in the room – intimacy!
2014 6/23: From our Founder
Happy summer! Seems like we just took down our holiday decorations, and now we’re getting out pool and beach toys.
2014 6/23: Ostomy Tips & Testimonials
Jim Reed, 64, Jacksonville, FL, has had his ileostomy for 11 years. Jim discovered Ostomysecrets about a year ago and wishes he had found it earlier. He says that every product he’s tried has made his life as a man with an ostomy much easier.
2014 6/23: Cricket’s Corner
Ahhhhh, summer! It brings up a variety of emotions and images. Running through the sprinkler. Popsicles. Bubble blowing. A slower pace. A longer hike. A chill-out session at the pool or the beach. A car wash. Summer lovin’.
2014 4/22: From our Founder
March 2014, FounderHappy Spring … my favorite season of the year! Flowers are peeking up through the soil, birds are chirping, and animals are emerging from “hibernation mode.” There’s new life in the air.
2014 4/22: Ostomy Tips & Testimonials

A New Perspective

At age 37, Tennessean Rennie Beasley found herself with a severe flare-up of Ulcerative Colitis.

tips spring 2014


After 15 days in the hospital, she underwent ileostomy surgery and recalls feeling blindsided. “I remember thinking, ‘What has happened to me?’”. She did not feel like the same woman, but was determined to regain her confidence.

“My husband and family were incredibly supportive but I had to work through what had occurred. Once I figured out things like my daily routine, my changing routine and the right pouching system, I starting thinking about getting out of the house and living my life.”

First, Rennie did some research and found Ostomysecrets®. She tried a few items, immediately loving the Classic Wrap. It smoothed out the ostomy pouch under her clothes, giving her the confidence to wear just about anything she wanted to wear.

“Recently, I purchased the Illusion Wrap and nearly cried when I tried it on. It was the first ostomy lingerie that gave me back ‘me.’ I can honestly say it’s a confidence booster!”

Now, nearly 18 months after surgery, Rennie has found the balance she needs to deal with the everyday aspects of her ostomy while truly living her life. She enjoys every day without looking back and wondering what life might be like without her ostomy. Rennie has chosen to accept her situation and to take advantage of the tools that can help her live a life of poise and polish.

Thank you, Rennie, for sharing your story!

2014 4/22: Cricket's Corner
Bette Midler once said, “I always try to balance the light with the heavy—a few tears of human spirit with the sequins and fringe.” I found these words to resonate within me.
2014 2/25: From our Founder
Greetings to you all. We hope you are having a great start to the year. Ostomysecrets has declared 2014 the "Year of Awareness".
2014 2/25: Ostomy Tips & Testimonials

Tips and Testimonials

Classic Comfort

Traci Libby, 48, of Hartville, OH, is a big fan of Ostomysecrets undergarments. Traci underwent ileostomy surgery almost two years ago after Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. These products, she says, have changed her life.

“The cotton classic panty is my favorite. It has helped me lead a normal life again after my ostomy surgery. It really is true that the classic panty supports my pouch while it puts a nice fabric barrier between my skin and the pouch. I can no longer feel my bag against my skin, which truly helps me forget about the ostomy. I know it is there, but because of the security and comfort I feel, I have a sense of confidence to proceed with life. It is a great feeling!”

Thank you Traci for your kind and honest words. It is our intention to make every person with an ostomy aware of what products and services are available so they can choose what they might need to make their life more normal. We continue to strive for this as we design more products, discuss more topics and share more stories.

If you want to share your story or give a comment on a product, please email us at info@ostomysecrets.com.

Dec. 2013: From our Founder
Can you believe another holiday season is upon us? It is utterly amazing how quickly 2013 has flown by. But I have to admit, it has been an amazing year for the entire Ostomysecrets® team. Where to begin? Well, I guess I should start at the beginning...