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Bad product
I purchased this wrap right after my surgery hoping that it would provide support for the bag. The design is definitely flawed. The pocket is not deep enough to hold a bag and I tried multiple brands of stoma appliances. And the wrap rolls up every time I move or sit down. I wish I could get my money back.
Karina | 4/19/2019 9:36 PM
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Not as good as I'd hoped.
The first time I put it on I was thrilled. I'd just changed pouches so the new one was totally empty, folded it in half - the wrap was new and fit well. Great, I thought.

Unfortunately that didn't last. Subsequent wearings and washings have stretched it so now the wrap does not fit snugly. Using the sizing guide - I fall between a small and a medium and I bought the medium. Also experiencing the roll up into a rope effect. Only a brand new pouch folds flat enough to hide. A freshly emptied pouch bulges out. Disappointing because this is such a clever concept.

I've just purchased a black one in a size small - will report on that. Somewhat agree with those complaining about the price, however I know that well made, sexy lingerie is always expensive. I just wish this one worked better.
Beverley | 4/6/2019 8:40 PM
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Gorgeous, however, Flawed
As the title states the wrap is Gorgeous, however, it is flawed. I would only wear this with my jeans that were low cut and when my bag would not hide under my Ostomysecrets panties. I have a colostomy and I know my *schedule* as well. Unfortunately, my ConvaTec disposable bag (in which I use all the time) had a malfunction. Things happen. The stain was the size of a PEA and did not leak to the lace. I queen of stain remover's and a grandmother now my only profession has been a homemaker to three children. Could not remove this stain for anything. In the end, the wrap is now off colored and horrid.

In this area *cough* It should be able to resist stains and be able to handle these types of accidents.

Pro: Gorgeous, conceals bag well.

Con: Cannot resist stains, nor worse case scenario a few bleachings.
Laura | 1/26/2018 12:15 PM
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Some design modifications are needed
I purchased this wrap after my surgery because I wanted some examples of items I might sew for myself - I've sewn my own clothes for years. I'm glad some purchasers have found it useful but I agree with those who have found it rolled into a rope. I suggest sewing some silicone-backed elastic to the lower edge of the wrap to better keep it in place. I agree it is too narrow for many pouches. I want to be able to cover both the top and the bottom of the pouch. It is quite expensive as well. Materials to make this wrap would cost under $5 and construction time under 15 minutes. I don't regret my purchase though. It has helped me in my process of designing and sewing ostomy-friendly undies for myself.
Paulette | 5/12/2016 10:28 PM
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Swing and a miss.
I received the nude version of this wrap free at a nearby ostomy fair I attended almost 2 months ago.  This last Sunday, for the first time in over two years and definitely the first time since becoming an 'ostomate' I finally got the opportunity to experience intimacy.  I slipped this cute little number on and noticed, like others have pointed out, that I had to fold my bag up to get it into the pocket and it stuck out.  During a particularly nice moment, I looked down to see my bag out of the pocket and fully unrolled. There it was, flapping freely and fully visible looking about as sexy as, well, a colostomy bag.  The wrap had rolled into a rope-like circle just below my breasts.  I was absolutely mortified and it definitely put a damper on my mood. This was pretty much exactly what I didn't want to happen during my first attempt at intimacy in that long, and I am so glad my boyfriend wasn't put off because that could seriously have ruined that moment.  I feel like this wrap would only work for intimacy if you do it standing up, holding perfectly still and without anyone else getting anywhere near it.  I'm glad I didn't shell out the $40 plus tax and shipping for that experience.
Rebecca | 4/27/2016 2:49 PM
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Wrap Vs. Bandeau
I love the pouch that these wraps provide, but you can buy an elastic bandeau almost anywhere for 15 dollars or less. A bandeau covers and fits the exact way the wrap does (minus the pouch) for much less money. Why do these (and other) companies charge  40 dollars or more for a scrap piece of elastic lace?! I feel as though one cute lace wrap should just come with our monthly bag supply shipments!
Kaitlin | 4/7/2016 1:47 AM
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Illusion intimacy wrap
This wrap is pretty, but I think it could be made better because it was not pretty and definitely not sexy when I put on because I had to roll my bag up to get it in, it bulged out like 2 1/2" and the bag stuck out the top. I did not feel secure I felt like it would just pop out during movements of intimacy. My fiance is well aware of my situation and comfortable with it but by no means was I going to walk out in front of him in this wrap!! Get the foxy or vixen wrap!!! Foxy is my choice because it is all black, the vixen is black in front and pink in the back..just not as appealing!
Megan | 4/1/2016 12:26 AM
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Beautiful again
Listen - for those of you with an ostomy doing your best to conceal during your most intimate times, I can say without reservation that this wrap is the closest to my old self... my self without my ostomy... as I'll ever be.  Fits great.  Beautifully made.  Feels natural.  I love the pouch - you'll see what I mean when you get it - it fits the whole bag inside so there's no risk of anything peeking out.  Awesome wrap.  Hey, Ostomysecrets... think you could make this in different colors?  Neon pink, perhaps?
Haley | 4/1/2014 4:37 PM
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Comfortable for everyday
As many people say the sizes run large. I was worried it would be too small based on the chart because my tummy is much larger then normal but ordered one in an xxxl and then after loving it so much ordered three more in the xxl which fit great. Support is wonderful for everyday and special occasions. I'll never wear a belt again. The shame of having a full bag bulging bouncing around and slouching to get to a bathroom with those thoughts "what are people thinking is under that woman's dress" will never be a problem again.
Amanda | 2/21/2014 9:31 PM
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Good but…..
I purchased the Illusion Wrap-Nude in the XS size. I did wear it a couple of time, unfortunately after that the Wrap wouldn't stay it would roll up and move around.  
I did follow the measuring instructions that is why I purchased the XS, maybe next time I should try the XXS and hope it will not roll up after a couple of wears!  
I also felt the price was a bit steep for this very small Illusion Wrap!
Mary | 2/7/2014 5:35 PM
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