Fashion Forward with Ostomy Wraps


Classic Wrap Tan

Author, Jearlean Taylor

As an accomplished fashion model—and a double ostomate—Jearlean has spent nearly 20 years camouflaging her pouches from the camera. And she’s had her two ostomies longer than that – since she was 2 years old. Here’s some fashion forward tips from Jearlean on incorporating ostomy wraps into your daily wardrobe.

There are a few questions people often ask me when they see my pictures.

  1. How do you wear fitted clothing?
  2. How do you hide your bags?
  3. Do you limit what clothing or outfits you wear?

I decided as a pre-teen that I was going wear what I wanted and not limit my choice of clothing or outfits, despite having two ostomies. I found ways to make it easy, but yet comfortable, to disguise or hide my ostomies, especially when I became a fashion model. There are different stoma shapes, sizes and placements that may affect whether or not you are comfortable with certain clothing. This is all okay!

If you want to look and feel more stylish or fashionable in your clothing, ostomy apparel may give you that support. One of my favorites are the Ostomysecrets® wraps for men & women, with options for different occasions: classic, curvy, illusion, vixen, foxy, and with selected colors. Ostomy wraps are perfect with a variety of different clothing.

There is comfort in knowing your ostomy does not have to be center of attention or visible with ostomy wraps. People living with an ostomy do not have to change their personal style! Be comfortable in whatever clothing you wear, because you are “wrapping” your ostomy with style. 




Jearlean Taylor  Jearlean Taylor with Illusion Wrap