Customer Testimonials

Kyle share his first post-run analysis of the Ostomysecrets® swim trunks being using as an exercise short:

The shorts are really great, my pouch tends to fill on long runs, especially when I'm required to eat along the way. This has always been an issue - not now, though. The pouch didn't jostle around despite the fact I later realized it had filled; so that's one big is plus for me, because I can't always stop. The other plus is that the shorts breathe and dry extremely well. If I find water on a run, I'll go after it, especially long runs. These shorts evaporate quickly, and cool as they do, adding a great paradigm to their versatility.

I use the other side of the built in appliance pocket that I don't use for my co-pilot to store, a plastic baggie with a packet of calories, like a gel pack or almond butter, my ID and credit card, a trauma pad, etc.

My only concerns are as follows: that the draw string is too short and narrow for sweaty tired fingers while adjusting on the run,  I wish it were a bit meatier with shoe lace like tabs at the end. I also would like it if the waist band were made of a tougher material. To add to this, a reflective strip or two would make this short truly dual purpose. The other con is the rear pocket is a bit loose. If it were a tad narrower it would hold a cell phone or mp3 player.

Otherwise, I absolutely love these as my primary running short. They are extremely well made, very versatile, and even in their current configuration are magnitudes better as an exercise short than anything I've used.

-Kyle P.

As a Crohn's patient diagnosed at age 16 and as an ostomate since age 23, I am excited by the products offered by Ostomysecrets® . Ostomysecrets®  fulfills a need for ostomates and has drastically improved my quality of life. The line of products offered by Ostomysecrets® addresses some key challenges faced by ostomates today. Such as intimate moments, a subject few of us talk about and better support for the ostomy bag during normal periods of wear, which improves the wear time of the ostomy appliance and reduces the visibility of the ostomy("the bump") itself through clothing. Addressing these situations in a way that allows ostomates to regain confidence and alleviate anxiety is a critical part of allowing ostomates to feel better about themselves, which in turn allows us to live more fulfilling lives. 
I strongly recommend to both male and female friends with ostomies that they consider purchasing these products; they'll notice the difference immediately.

Tim Boston, MA

I am a new ostomy patient as of June of this year and have not had a lot of experience in this area. I didn't know what to expect. When I received my order I was surprised and thankful for the product. I feel like a woman again. I was worried about going back to work and everyone knowing my secret, but with these panties no one knows. I feel confident that when I wear a dress or skirt you cant see anything.

- Thank you for making a product that makes you feel wonderful.

Tampa, FL

I have FAP, and as a result have had my permanent ileostomy for just over 4 years now after having my entire colon removed to avoid colon cancer. Having an ostomy takes a lot of getting used to, and confidence building, and Ostomysecrets® does just that. I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa in Cleveland while attending my UOAA support group, YODAA's (Young Ostomate and Diversion Alliance of America) yearly conference, and saw her present both her story, and her product, and gained an awesome friend. 
From the first time I heard about Ostomysecrets®, until I received my first pair of the boxer-briefs, I was an instant believer. I can say with confidence that I will never wear another pair of boxers other than Ostomysecrets® again. 

For any ostomate, Ostomysecrets® is a must have. They give you the comfort and security level you are looking for, as well as conceal your pouch. The pocket on the inside makes a huge difference. I no longer have to worry about my pouch getting caught and falling off, or getting heavy. The pocket holds it there comfortably. 
For me personally, they even allow my pants/shorts to fit better. For any ostomate, Ostomysecrets® is an amazing product, and you will not regret purchasing it.

Seattle, Washington

What a great product this is! 
Four years ago I had a radical urostomy and while I feel like I have accommodated fairly well, this underwear takes the recovery to the next level. Not only does it do a great job of concealing and supporting the pouch, it is really lovely! The quality of the fabric and the fine attention to detail, makes it feel quite luxurious. 
The support factor is a real boon; the first time I wore a pair when I worked out at the gym, it was a whole different experience. Besides keeping the pouch away from the skin, the way the underwear is constructed, it just keeps it all in place and there is no friction. A real treat!

This is definitely a secret to be shared and I will be happy to do that at the next Ostomy meeting I attend.

Charlotte, NC

You are all brilliant! 
Just received my Women's Bathing Suit bottom this morning and I love it. It's functional, comfortable and attractive - absolutely fabulous. So incredibly versatile, it works with my bra top for the beach, and with tank tops, t-shirts etc. as a short skirt. I will definitely be ordering another one. 
All your products are wonderful, but this one takes the prize! Thank you so much. Hugs to you all.


My new Illusion wrap in black is the 1st thing that has given me the confidence to get out there and try and date again since getting my ileostomy. It not only covers up things but looks really beautiful too. I am so grateful for places like Ostomysecrets® for providing such a great variety of wraps and for helping me feel more "normal".


I have a permanent ileostomy as of March 2013 so I am so thankful for your products! So comfortable and I have a more secure feeling. Hope to see even more items in the future! Thank you:)

Denise Brown

As a man dealing with a Colostomy and the placement of the ostomy pouch, it was always hard to feel comfortable without feeling irritated. Once I received the Men's Boxer Underwear and started using it, I slept all night, I felt more confident in public and made a quicker transition to dealing with recovery on a day to day basis. It was for me a true blessing. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a colostomy whether short term or permanently.


I won a Classic Wrap. This is so good. I wear it every time I go out. Better than the more complicated and expensive wraps out there. I wear it over my trousers at the belt area and simply have my shirt covering it. I wear my shirts outside my pants these days because I wear braces under the shirt to help keep up trousers. I seem to have lost an inch and a half in height so I pull the trousers up so they don’t just crumple at the shoes.

Peter Evans

Clinician Testimonials

I can't say enough how grateful I am for your service. I am a registered nurse and have treated in practice many ostomy patients. However, I never expected to become one myself. Six months ago, after what was supposed to be a minor colorectal surgery, I developed serious complications that required an emergency colostomy. 
I was a newlywed at the time and I can't tell you how devastating this was for me. But lucky for me a fellow nurse recommended this website. I can not express how grateful I am to all of you for restoring my self-confidence and ability to be intimate with me new husband without interference from the pouch. Please keep up the good work and I have already recommended this website to several patients and will continue to do so!

Melinda Rallison, RN

I am letting all of my patients know about your new product. The new underwear line you have come up with offers individuals the ability to feel "normal " as well as increased comfort in wearing the ostomy appliance.

Patients approach ostomy surgery with reluctance and trepidation. Some of the important questions that I hear both pre-op and post-op are, "What kind of underwear do I wear? How will my underwear fit around my stoma? Will I be able to exercise with an ostomy? How about sex?" Previously my answer was that that they may need to try various types of underwear and they could tuck the pouch inside, but the truth is that the products that were available were generic and unbecoming to wear. Patients also had to face the burden during the summer months (and in Florida where I practice) of the heat of the appliance against the skin, which can lead to rashes and the feeling of "moisture" under the pouch.

The ability to exercise without feeling a pouch dangling one of the truly big advantages of your Classic Wrap. The support of the Classic Wrap may result in fewer parastomal hernias as it provides external support of the abdomen during exercise.

Surgery is done to remove diseased organs in order to improve/prolong life and quality of life. I believe your product positively impacts recovery in many ways that are yet to be determined. I am very proud of you for your hard work and perseverance in the development of your Ostomysecrets® line.

Amy Evans, MS, ARNP, CWOCN
Tampa General Hospital - Tampa FL

I was truly excited and impressed when I saw this product at the WOCN Conference in 2008. Now that I have had the opportunity to see the whole product line, I am even more impressed. Because of my belief in Ostomy Secrets, I am determined to share these "secrets" with both my patients and our students! This is so much more than underwear as these products provide the support, comfort, and concealment needed to maximize pouch wear time, minimize skin issues related to moisture, and significantly reduce "pouch awareness". Add style on top of that and we have a winner! My hat is definitely "off" to Lisa Becker and Ostomy Secrets!

Dorothy Doughty, MN, RN, CWOCN, FAAN
Director Emory University WOC Nursing Education Center

"I think Ostomysecrets® is an absolutely necessary product"
As a WOC Nurse, I have often thought about what it would be like if I were the patient. In pondering this thought, my mind immediately goes to how an ostomy would affect the way I view myself and my perception of how my spouse would view me. Although I cannot fully comprehend how an ostomy changes the life of the ostomate, I do see the impact ostomy surgery has on my patients.

Ostomates recovering from surgery are often concerned with "How will I ever feel whole again?" to "What type of clothing can I wear so that no one will know I have an ostomy?" to "Will I ever feel comfortable being intimate?" I believe Ostomysecrets® contributes to all aspects of recovery by offering many types of products which answer the most often asked questions. Giving the patient the ability to feel confident and whole while preserving individual dignity and security is the goal of Ostomy Secrets. "We have needed a company like Ostomysecrets® and I am so glad your products are available to help ostomates live a normal, full life!"

Rhonda Sullivan RN, BSBM, CWON, LNCC
Mayo Clinic Hospital, Jacksonville, FL