Ostomy Influencer Meghan Brown Shows Off Her Ostomysecrets Swim Shorts

Meghan Cary Brown, aka @emc_brown on Instagram, shares her Ostomysecrets® story with us in this exciting video:



Read her full story:

"I wore my bag out at the beach for the very first time and I still can’t believe it! It felt amazing, liberating, and so freeing. I brought my @ostomysecrets swim shorts with me, and it was nice to have the option to cover up if/when I wanted. I love these shorts because they are made of swim-friendly fabric and dry super-fast. But honestly the best part – they are designed for ostomates and have a pocket inside that can hold my bag to offer support but also concealment! 

They’re called swim shorts, but I wore them anywhere and everywhere – eating lunch, shopping, and all-around town! You would never know that I wore them earlier that morning at the beach and in the water. 

When your clothing makes you feel confident and secure, that’s when you know it was meant for you and thoughtfully designed." And be sure to use code MEGHAN for 25% off your purchase – unlimited code uses for apparel and accessories.